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Homewood Windows

When you’re looking for windows after deciding on style, the next objective is always to find the highest quality product at the lowest price. Homewood Design’s windows provide you with the best price to quality ratio’s available in the UK! Each window made specifically to your requirements and budget.

All our Wooden windows are produced from three-layered glued wood beams without defects. External layers are made from radially-cut wood. By applying these methods and materials during the construction of our windows we ensure product resistance to deformation. We use pine, meranti, larch and oak  for the construction of our products ensuring that Homewood Design’s Wooden windows give your house a feeling of comfort and security. Whilst also providing these features:

Style Diversity

Affordable bespoke solutions


Good Thermal properties

Energy efficiency

Additionally wooden products may also be renewed.



We use Tekna and Remmers impregnation and finishing products on our windows. These paints deeply penetrate into the wood and protect against negative external action, ensuring long life. We offer you a wide range of colours standardized to the RAL colour palette system, in addition varnish shades according to Tekna Aquatop and Remmers varnish colour palette are also available.

Finishes for wooden windows are available as follows:

Varnished from both sides;

One side varnished, the other one painted;

Painted from both sides;

Every side of the product  painted in different colours.

The bottom rail’s on our windows are also covered by painted or anodized aluminium GUTMANN Cora or Oak profiles, these greatly improve window longevity and allow easy maintenance.


Homewood Windows are glazed using sealed glass packets of one or two chambers, this ensures excellent thermal and noise insulation properties. All our  glass packets come from well-known companies, made with specialist glasses dependant on your requirements and their purpose of use. For example:


Noise insulating glass;

Glare control glass;

Safe (laminated) glass;

Toned, opaque, patterned glass.