homewood design bespoke windows doors 400 31 The Process

What to expect when working with us:



Every client and project is unique and requires an individual approach. Every step of the way we strive to ensure that our processes meet your needs and requirements and are conveniently scheduled. At Homewood Design we make sure our work process meets your needs and requirements every step of the way.

Typically our customer representative will:

Process the client’s online quote request or inbound call.

Discuss the client’s window/door needs. Arrange an appointment for or if appropriate, visit the client’s home to evaluate and inspect any remodeling or replacement needs.

Acknowledge the client’s acceptance of the proposal.

Make an appointment for the project team to commence on-site measurements.

Commence installation.

Ensure the satisfactory completion of the proposed tasks and responsibilities.


At the outset of a project, Homewood designs’s project manager evaluates how to work within your process. By Working closely with the project manager, client, architect, designer we ensure a smooth process from product ordering to installation.

During quoting and product specification, Homewood Design’s Project Manager ensures that the production and engineering specifications meet the client’s particular requirements and include all custom details. These specifications will often include:

Energy efficiency


Air infiltration




Building code advice

On-time schedule completion